What I Learned From Running in Philadelphia


If you even know me slightly, you probably know that I love to run. It’s my de-stressor. It’s my alone time. It’s my challenge. It’s my therapy. It’s the reason I’m often really gross and sweaty when I come to class.

I enjoy running for a lot of reasons. Sure, it helps to keep me in shape. I like to set goals and (sometimes) accomplish them. I get fresh air. But one of the primary reasons I love to run? I get time to think and I learn a whole heck of a lot. So I decided to share some of those things with you, whether you’re a marathoner much more accomplished than I, a similar recreational runner, or self-professed couch potato who hates all things involving movement and breathing hard (well, maybe not all things…I digress). Regardless, they are important lessons to take to heart as a resident…

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