Fuck you guys?

Music and Medicine

I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE ON THIS FUCKING THING! I really never have the time (I do have some time, I’m not completely swamped, I’ve been ill for a week, could of done something then but no)! I’m busy, I’m out, I’m chatting, I’m working, I generally sweat most of the time indoors, I’m expanding, I’m developing? I’m multitasking, I’m creating, I ache all over my body, even my shins. I’ve been doing lots of things, things I cant control, mold or behold. Things like sulking, I sulk sometimes and how can one behold a ‘sulk’? Behold my sulk in all its glory! Let the sun shine down on its magnificence. Sulking is out of the window, it’s not a thing to do its a mistake that mutates in you liver and shoots in to your mind and blows out you ears until its lurking, undisturbed in your gut…

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