.. my lover ..

My lover, where have you gone? I woke 4:29 in the morning, but it felt like it was past dawn. Still so cognac in the glass and some low volume Teddy Pendergrass on. My lover, red rose tattoo on her lower leg caramel body complexion. She made me smile with the wild hairstyles that was of a certain selection. Then attraction met connection which resulted in erection. Wait, we rewind back to what was of a certain selection. That girl selling’ her body, that woman’s trapping, so of course conniptions occurred after intercourse established. She walk and talk like her mommy, so the swag is ridiculous. 4 years in college, that’s knowledge and personality work rekindling. My lover, If I thought that the lust was enough, on the strength that you loved me, you treated me like dutch. My lover, skipping school just to jump on me, I remember. Her know she got kisses filled with love on top of hugging me. We both were cool when we met, so we started fucking. But I think that the accident started when we started loving. Deep down I couldn’t help it, I knew that it was something. It was what I would’ve wanted to be believable; She knows that I’m retrievable, I know she’s irreplaceable Whether I be squeezing you, or missionary, facing you. If I ship to Military, I can keep my faith in you. But no you’re not my girl, you’re just someone in relations to. (&You Know That.) In love with you forever, bond tougher than leather. Sorry but if I marry, it’s you and her together. With my wife it’s duties, facades of a positive role model. With thoughts in my mind of her asking, were you and her together? With you it’s marijuana and physical pain killing. Holding ya body and hitting spots that’ll leave ya spine chilling. Every-time I look into your eyes, it was like clear skies at 12 midnight. And if you don’t cum correct, you move me around until I get right, right? You see most people get caught because their eyes are not filled with pride. We both know that no one accept us two possess actual characteristics as Bonnie and Clyde. His love is a seal for the love of his life. It’s 2 pieces that only 2 people have, the love and his >real< wife. . .


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