Open Letter

In My Mind

Deep rooted pain just like the blood that flows through your veins

The hurt brings you solace for it’s something familiar

Anything different would seem strange

Unable to break the ties that bind you together like chains

When you’re use to the hurt, depression, and anger, it can be hard to picture your life another…way

No longer feeling the pain that once held you down

Casting out the self-doubt even though you know they’re people that want to see you fail

Smile in your face and only ask if you’re okay to ease their mind for how they truly feel inside

But she’ll be okay

She’s just venting

Releasing pent up aggression that’s been held in for far too long

‘Cause you worried about what the next person may think as you sing your sad song

Have your own pity party for two days straight

It’s okay. She’ll take a…

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