Tom Wolf, Jesus, and the Death Penalty

The Revolted Revolutionary

tom wolfYesterday, Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf declared a moratorium on the death penalty. Pennsylvania has 186 prisoners on death row and has immediately halted the state sanction murder of Terrance Williams, a man who three months after his eighteenth birthday in 1984 committed two murders. He was to be executed on March 4, the first man in Pennsylvania to be executed since 1999. Gov. Wolf wrote about the deeply flawed nature of capital punishment in Pennsylvania citing that Harold Wilson came within days of losing his life for a crime he did not commit and “a person is more likely to be charged with a capital offense and sentenced to death if he is poor or of a minority racial group, and particularly where the victim of the crime was Caucasian.”

These reasons stand on their own for halting the execution of Terrance Williams and the other people living on death row…

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