Long Live, Blackberry ..

.. ahh man .. ya’ know .. i am thinking to myself, that this was something bound to happen, down the line ..


not only is apple (and samsung) totally back-biting blackberry, many nerves of the company, on top of making the same phone, bigger, every year or so .. the iPhone 7 is around the corner, i believe .. anywho .. i’m just think’n to myself, but .. it is seeming, to me, that ever since the untimely and unfortunate departure of the great steve jobs, and former coo/current ceo tim cook taking his place, the company’s products have decreased in creativity, and increased in justkeepinngupwiththetimesism .. when i see the iPhone, i see a car model, that will be the exact same model, yet “updated” model, for the next three or four years or so .. and to be honest, me being a supporter of the adidas originals brand, superstar line, it will be, to me, uncomfortable having an iPhone 6 plus in my sweatpants pocket, on top of their potential to bend, unexpectedly .. now take a look at the blackberry Q10 .. the o g palm design, the small (but not too small) QWERTY keyboard with its numbers and symbol switch options .. the screen is touch and HD, and so are both front and rear cameras .. though this model is blackberry’s latest breakthrough model, for year this phone-type has proved to be the best in being out of your way, but very close to you .. it can unnoticeably fit in from the pocket of a sport blazer, to a pocket on a pair of Levi’s 575 jeans .. in addition to being incredibly stylish, they are a reputed, champion of business tools, and truly take note-typing to another level .. now i’m not saying that tim cook is a bad guy, for someone i do not personally know, i’m just saying that the direct of the company’s products have taken a turn in creativity and changed direction ever since cook was named ceo .. samsung got to where it is so fast because it thought different, and steve jobs also thought differently .. and it is seeming, ultimately, that cook and apple products, are giving us, more of the same thing(s) ..   (apple commercials and samsung commercials only feature apple and samsung products. so to the folk(s) that if not buy one, you’ll buy the other, if you do not like apple, then the samsung is the next best looking, seemingly .. it’s all an elaborate marketing sham .. anywho, blackberry is ultimately under-rated and will forever be king of the mobile keyboard) ..

.. oh yeah, if you wanna know more about their current lawsuit regarding apple’s latest iPhone attachment, a blackberry replica QWERTY keyboard, i have provided a link below ..


DSC03555 .. follow my blog .. 🙂


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