Keeping Up With The Kardashians; Philadelphia

.. and here i am like, why do women even get butt injections anyway ..? don’t get me wrong, i am in love with being a man, that loves coochie .. and take great pride in having a dick and balls .. i know damn well that if, hypothetically speaking, i get some shxt injected in my pelvic areas, and then go to sex a female, the feeling up against my skin, will not be the same as it were, before-injection .. and on that note, of being a man .. i would never …. EVERRR …. let my lips touch a women’s queendom if injections have happened .. i mean .. and as far as doin’ it .. i’m the type to, at times, give it bit a of a pounding while i gently man-handle .. and it will for certainly be uncomfortable, for me, and being fragile for your injections ..

.. if you want to know more about who i’m ranting .. click the link just below and have a look-see ..

NOTE* with no disrespect to women in general ..


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