Television, Today .. (bLog Entry 3/1)

.. despite my many opinions on the media and the types of products that hit the airways, i cannot hide nor deny that i am too a big fan of the early morning talk shows to the many prime time series to the late night comedy sitcoms, the not-so-promising films that go straight to disc and/or blu-ray after production to the two-bit, half-wit, almost touching films that just barely make it to the big screen to the major theater-packing motion pictures .. me personally, i favor most, any television show and/or motion picture that features federal agents, (like “The Siege, starring Denzel Washington and others”, and “The Good Shepherd, starring Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, and others”) and/or super spooky supernatural ghosts that appear out of nowhere and scare the living sh!t out of me, like Insidious, and even classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th .. i mean, there’s nothing that I would love more than to just come in from work every night and sit down in front of the television, and have my favorite show or film pending, every single time, but thanks to cable, it works out much differently, most days .. i mean, i know that i’m not the only one that often comes up on some leisure time and decides to use this time to peruse the television channels in search of a program both entertaining and addictive, and after scrolling through about one thousand channels, i, surprisingly, find nothing that catches my eye, to which i end up, ultimately, watching what’s on the DVR, or switching over to Grand Theft Auto .. i wish that it were a better was to utilize the way that we experience something that we pay a nice amount of money for every single month .. i mean, making every single cable-box unique in a way that the owner, for instance, has up to ten customizable channels where the owner can pick the television shows and films that he or she wants to view on that specific channel on a twenty-four hour basis .. example, for custom channel one, you have a huge life of every single television show and film ever created and you have the ability to place these shows in designated time slots from 12 midnight until 11:59, at the end of the day .. the owner can basically create his or her own line-up of programs on a designated channel that he or she wants to see throughout that day ..

.. i’ve always admired how the creators, directors, producers, and others work together to make a project seem bigger than it was, in reality, if it were based on true events .. i know for a fact in a vast majority of these films, things did not happen in reality, the way that it seemed via film, or even television show. Take “Boardwalk Empire” for instance .. i mean, no one actually knows how folks like Enoch “Johnson” Thompson, Joseph Masseria, and Alphonse Capone really moved .. however these shows persuade viewers to believe that this is the way things actually went down, to the tee .. now i’m a true believer that there are too may people on planet Earth to say that somebody could have never done this, or they could have never know that person, however, who can, today, actually say that sat beside these men at the time of their prime when they were actively out doing their dirt .? .. i love Boardwalk Empire, the storyline from season one to season five was incredible, and the creators and management chose the perfect actors to play the characters i the story. Steve Buscemi, phenomenal, Michael K Williams, extraordinary, Jeffery Wright, magnificent .. i especially loved the finale minutes of the very last episode of the Boardwalk Empire saga, where Nucky pays (almost) all of his dues and makes plans to vanish and live the rest of his days in piece., then he is confronted on the boardwalk in Atlantic City by the son of his protege-turned-rival, jimmy darmody., tommy darmody, also the grandson of Nucky’s longtime friend, Gillian Darmody .. Tommy starts off as a bum in the ghetto of Atlantic City, looking for work, or so it may seem .. One of Nucky’s trusty henchman, Micky Doyle, takes a crew to the neighborhoods to recruit for work for Nucky .. Tommy, ultimately, to Doyle being the smallest of the pack, ends up convincing Doyle that he wants the opportunity and assures that his commitment to it will be 100% .. after it is all said and done, Tommy ends up pumping bullets into Nucky on the board walk before being rushed by undercover federal agents who were surprisingly nearby as the shots rang out .. Nucky gets shot in the upper body and face, dying almost instantly on the boardwalk .. …. now .. the problem that i have had with this particular scene, i have read many documentaries and books stating that at the climax of Nucky’s fall from empire, he gets indicted and ends up serving a fair prison sentence, he gets out of prison, then returns to Atlantic City to work a small town tavern, while still keeping his political ties …. … i don’t know why, but after watching the very last show of the Boardwalk Empire saga, i have become somewhat fixated on the fact that these people can doctor the documented reality of one’s past life and dress it with make-up for cash and critics .. …. i can only wonder what some of these folk would say, if they were alive today, and there is no greater truth, than what comes from the horse’s mouth .. ….. …
.. my point is, that i would like to see just one project to where the creators create based on the actual and factual events that played out as they did, not how the creators see fit .. this will indeed be a change, however, change has never been a bad thing for life, time, and the universe .. of course i do not have all of the answers, so yes, my mind and ears are wide open to any comments and conversation starters … don’t be shy, speak up ..

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