NE Philadelphia, Undercover Redneck Country ..

English: Map of Philadelphia County highlighti...
English: Map of Philadelphia County highlighting Northeast Philadelphia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.. LOL .. so i’m reading a particular article on philly dot com, and i almost immediately buss out laughing .. i mean, let me say that, being someone who lives in Northeast Philadelphia, on the news and in the newspaper, i often come upon some very interesting and some-what unexpected happenings in my region of the city .. everything from robberies to burglaries to shootings .. but this particular article here .. LOL .. first, let me say that i know for a great fact that other than Uptown Philadelphia, the Greater Northeast is home to many big and secret drug markets that attract many reputed and first-time users ..i’m talking about the people who have no life, no job, and don’t know how they’re going to eat tomorrow, because they do absolutely nothing, today … and these are the people that end up committing cunning, but shiesty wrong-doings out of laziness, taking an ultimate chance on a slice of their freedom, for very little gain at most times .. you know it’s kinda said in my mind, only because these folk are crammed and mixed into the same demographic as those who are righteous mentally, have simply fallen, and working hard on getting back to their feet .. and being the area in which both reside, favoring is not betwixt the types .. you have these people that work so hard and strive long hours, hot days, and cold nights for a better life for themselves and their families, they get treated the exact same way as those who hold a mind of evil and wrong-doing .. the ones with the tattoos on their faces, terrorizing the neighborhoods and those who occupy them .. …… .., anywho,, the reason why i am ranting because of this particular article where, hilariously and awkwardly, it seems that one or many individuals have allegedly stolen airbags from a total of nine Honda vehicles, eight being 2013 models and one being a 2011 model .. it’s hilarious to me, only because the one or may person(s) chose nine Honda vehicles and nine Honda vehicles specifically and taking their time to grift the airbags from the front compartment(s) of each vehicle’s interior .. … i highly doubt that these bags can be sold for a profit that i’d say would be worth the grifting, but ultimately, this has to not only be one of the worst wastes of time for me and reading article(s), but also a waste of time slotted for petty grifting and grief .. all i can say is, i feel for the owners of those vehicles, and i also feel for the criminal(s) that finally meet handcuffs and beholdeth the very much pending shame ..  …. i’ve provided a link below to those interested in perusing thee article ..


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