Philadelphia, and it’s potential .. (bLog Entry 3/2-2k15)


shame man, because Philadelphia is truly a city with a lot of potential. i mean it’s there, but then it isn’t .. this city has some much history and traditions to be in these conditions i’m talking about north of berks street, northeast of lehigh, west of 40th street, and south of christian street .. and to all of my non-Philadelphians, that is pretty much the entire map of the Philadelphia County outside of the downtown metropolitan area, with the exception of areas such as Manayunk, East Falls, Wynnewood, Mount Airy, and Wissahickon .. i mean, to those who are in charge of the city’s finances and development, kick those lazy and blind dogs out on their ass, and put some lions in office with sheer energy and a vision, instead of sweating their pockets more than the problems .. … Ultimately, the City of Philadelphia can do so much better .. the end ..

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